CSRT Module 4: Quality Controls for Concrete Surface Repairs — Pre-Placement Inspection

Module 4 covers quality control measures necessary for a Concrete Surface Repair Technician to perform a pre-placement inspection. This module discusses mock-ups and trials, and presents a pre-placement checklist. The checklist training covers specification criteria, general information, existing concrete condition (presence of chlorides/carbonation, repair area configuration, and prepared surfaces), reinforcing steel condition (steel cleanliness, section loss, lap length, and concrete cover/bar coatings), and repair material condition (origin, storage, and mixing). Slump of conventional concrete, slump flow of self-consolidating concrete, and making of test cylinders is also detailed in this module.


To complete this module, you will need a copy of the Pre-Placement Inspection Checklist, ASTM C143/C143M, ASTM C1611/C1611M, and ASTM C31/C31M. 

Estimated Time to Complete: 2.5 Hours
Minimum Passing Score: 92%
You will have two chances to pass each module quiz. You may review the content in the course, but once you begin the quiz, you will no longer have access to course content.