CSRT Performance Exam

The Tier 2 Performance Exam requires that you perform four ASTM test methods (C31, C143, C1583 and C1611) that were included in the Tier 1 training. You will be required to shoot a video recording of yourself performing the tests and submit to ICRI for grading, or attend a live performance exam class, if available. Passing the performance exam requires correctly demonstrating all four of the ASTM test methods.

For your use, we have provided a Performance Examination Rubric (Performance Exam Criteria), and Guidance/Example Submission videos for the ASTM test methods included in the Performance Exam (see below).

Equipment Options

Using Your Own Equipment

  • Slump of Conventional Concrete – Mold, tamping rod, measuring device, scoop, and base plate/test surface that conforms to ASTM C143/C143M-15a
  • Slump Flow of SCC – Mold, base plate, strike-off bar, measuring device, sample receptacle, pouring vessel, and other tools that conform to ASTM C1611/C1611-14
  • Making and Curing Test Specimens – Molds, tamping rod, mallet, placement/finishing tools, and sample receptacle that conforms to ASTM C31/C31M-15ae1
  • Pulloff Test – Core drill/barrel, rigid disk, tensile loading device, leveling platform (if required), coupling apparatus, adhesive material, and measuring device that conforms to ASTM C1583/C1583M-13 and ICRI 210.3R-2013.
  • Concrete Material – Plastic sample that conforms to ASTM C31, C143, and C1611, and obtained in accordance with ASTM C172/C172M-14a
  • Test Sample (Pulloff Test) – Concrete slab, block, or repair.

Equipment Purchase

Slump/Slump Flow

Test Specimens (Cylinder Molds)

Pulloff Device

  • Germann Instruments: BOND-TEST
    • To obtain a 10% discount on the pulloff device from the manufacturer, use Promo Code “KLBTGI” during ordering.
  • James Instruments: James Bond Test MKIII
    • To obtain a 7.5% discount on the pulloff device from the manufacturer, use Promo Code “James2016” during ordering.
  • Proceq: DY-2 Family
    (Click on “Product Variations” for info on models available.)
    • To obtain a 10% discount on the pulloff device from the manufacturer, call 724-512-0330, and use Promo Code “PROCEQICRI2016” during ordering (US Territory only).

Equipment/Video Camera

ICRI has developed an equipment kit to utilize for this exam. The kit includes most items you need for this exam, including the video camera to record your examination, if needed.

The equipment kit includes:

  • Pulloff Device
  • Disks to be used with the Pulloff Device
  • Adhesive to be used with the disks for the pulloff device
  • Slump Cone
  • Tamping Rod
  • Scoop
  • Cylinder molds (4”dia x 8” H)
  • SCC Admixture
  • Video Camera, if needed

Equipment/Video Camera rental now available here. Note: Rental available in the continental US only.

Video Camera

You are required to use a Sony HDR-MV1 Video Camcorder, or comparable video recording device, for recording your examination. You can either purchase the specified camera on your own or rent (see above).

Video recording instructions using the Sony HDR-MV1 video recorder are as follows:






Guidance Videos








Example Videos