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562MAN-20 - Guide to the Code for Assessment, Repair, and Rehabilitation of Existing Concrete Structures

ACI Publications
Publication Date:
Jan 01, 2021
Number of Pages:
Never expires.


ACI and ICRI have published an updated “Guide to the Code for Assessment, Repair, and Rehabilitation of Existing Concrete Structures, A Companion to ACI 562-19.” This guide provides the licensed design professional with the knowledge, skill, and judgment to interpret and properly use ACI 562-19, and provides insight into the use and benefits of the code for contractors, material manufacturers, building owners, and building officials. 
This updated guide is separated into three main components:

  1. Chapter guides for providing clarity and understanding of the relevant portions of ACI 562-19.
  2. Appendix B providing an overview of the new standard ACI 563-18, “Specifications for Repair of Concrete in Buildings.”
  3. Project design examples illustrating the process of carrying out a concrete building assessment, repair, rehabilitation, or strengthening project from inception through completion.

New features of the updated guide include an appendix addressing specifications with examples and clear definition of the responsibilities and scope of the repair, rehabilitation, or strengthening. The guide also includes three new design examples and five updated design examples guiding the licensed design professional through the code provisions of actual concrete repair projects. Hard copy only.