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Black Pearl® Waterproofing System

Product Demonstrations
Mike Eglin |  Joseph Strickland
08 Minutes
Audio and Video
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The demonstration will show the application of the Black Pearl® Waterproofing System. Unlike “weatherproofing”, a true waterproofing membrane will maintain its watertight integrity and prevent the passage of liquid under dynamic, static, continuous, or intermittent hydrostatic pressure. Black Pearl® is a true waterproofing membrane composed of two primary products: Black Pearl® Primer Adhesive and Black Pearl® Waterproofing Membrane. These components are based upon the same core formula of select, unoxidized asphalt cement base, butyl rubber, SIS, neoprene rubber, SBS, carbon black, fillers, plasticizers and curing agents. The Black Pearl® Primer Adhesive also has an aliphatic solvent that is within acceptable OSHA and EPA current regulations. Black Pearl® Waterproofing Membrane is a 55-mil woven polyester fabric impregnated with the Black Pearl® rubberized formula, providing extra tensile strength and stability. Acting as a catalyst on the sheets, Black Pearl® Primer Adhesive chemically fuses the system elements together (including flashings) into a thick, semi-monolithic waterproof membrane with 100% compatibility. Black Pearl® is an all-season material that can be installed anytime between 0°F and 100°F to a number of substrates, including green and damp concrete, plywood, blindside lagging, sheet piling, cement board, foam boards, PVC, EPDM, drain mats, asphaltic materials and coal tar pitch.


  1. Demonstrate the ease of installation when applying the Black Pearl® Waterproofing System. 
  2. Explain the ability of Black Pearl® to provide the benefits of a hot-applied system without the need for propane, open flames, or heating. 
  3. Illustrate how the multiple layers of Black Pearl® waterproofing provide the back-up redundancy not provided by single ply systems while retaining all of the elastomeric benefits offered by single-ply systems
  4. Demonstrate the true versatility of the Black Pearl® Waterproofing System, an all-weather system that can be applied to green and damp concrete, plywood, blindside lagging, sheet piling, cement board, extruded and expanded foam boards, PVC, EPDM, drain mats, asphaltic materials, and coal tar pitch. 



Mike Eglin's Profile

Mike Eglin Related Seminars and Products

Division Manager

Barrett Roofs

Michael Eglin is Division Manager at Barrett Roofs. Mike has been in the masonry, flashing and roofing industry for almost two decades. He spent fifteen years of his career working with the President of the Barrett Company, Saverio Minucci, to grow a manufacturing business that serves these industries. For the past few years, he has been a Regional Manager for Keene Building Products—the leading manufacturer of entangled net products used in masonry, siding, sound control, and many other applications. Mike works with Saverio to develop and grow the company's manufacturing capabilities and product offerings within their roofing and waterproofing systems for above and below-grade, roof decks, plaza decks, roof restoration, green roofs, and more.

Joseph Strickland's Profile

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Sales Representative

Zacharia Associates

Joseph Strickland is Sales Representative at Zacharia Associates. He has 27 years of experience in the roofing industry as a technical representative, regional technical and contractor services manager, director of field services and sales representative. He received his education in Criminal Science from Bergen and Miami Dade Community Colleges.

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Company Overview: With over eighty-five years of diverse roofing and waterproofing applications, countless material and roof analyses, born and developed from both practical “hands-on” experience and theoretical laboratory pursuits, Barrett Roofs has become a national leader in evolving bitumen modification technology and design of high-performance waterproofing, built-up roofing systems, and vegetated roofs. In August 2019, the Barrett Company was acquired by Keene Family of Companies with a renewed energy and commitment to the roofing industry. Current CEO, Saverio Minucci, vows to preserve Barrett's past with experience and its future with technology. Visit our website at