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Controlling Set Time by Using MALP Concrete for Repairs in Extreme Environments

Product Demonstrations
Brian Mintz |  Juan Bedoya
14 Minutes
Audio and Video
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Phoscrete is an easy-to-use, fast-setting, long-lasting Magnesium-Alumina-Liquid-Phosphate (MALP) concrete repair material for repairs in extreme environments (-15°F to +115°F). Instead of water, Phoscrete’s pre-extended dry component mixes include Liquid Phosphate Activator (Freezing Point = -20°F). Working time and set time are easily controlled by supercooling the activator in hot temperatures, and by adding fast-set admixtures in cold temperatures. The presentation will include laboratory testing, field installation, and a small installation.


  1. Learn to control working time in any temperature using MALP concrete
  2. Observe examples of field work in both extremely hot and extremely cold environments
  3. Learn why the product was the material of choice for vertical and overhead repairs on a bridge over a large body of water, and how those repairs continued to be a success
  4. Observe the material mixed, placed and finished in the hot South Florida sun using supercooled activator and 85°F dry mix

Company overview:

Phoscrete Corporation provides construction materials and offers concrete repair materials. Our primary customer base are contractors and stocking distributors who service Commercial Restoration projects, Departments of Transportation, the Federal Government, and the US Military. Our three primary products are: + Phoscrete HC - used for horizontal, and form-and-pour concrete repairs, now with fiber reinforcement + Phoscrete VO - used for hand troweled repairs, typically on vertical and overhead surfaces + Phoscrete SG - a dry shotcrete / gunite applied product for fast and permanent concrete repairs.


Brian Mintz's Profile

Brian Mintz Related Seminars and Products

General Manager

Phoscrete Corporation

Brian Mintz is a University of Michigan graduate and began working for Phoscrete’s parent company in 2003. He became SVP when Phoscrete spun off as a separate corporation in 2011 and became General Manger in 2017. Brian is a respected leader in the bridge and pavement preservation community. He is a voting member of ICRI Committee 320 – Materials and Methods, an industry member of NTPEP RSCP committee, and vice chair for industry of TSP2 -Bridge southeast regional partnership. Brian is also chair of the TSP2 Innovative Technology Demonstrations Working Group; whose mission is to open the path for innovative solutions to the preservation community.

Juan Bedoya's Profile

Juan Bedoya Related Seminars and Products

Quality Control Manager and Installation Support

Phoscrete Corporation

Juan Bedoya is the newest member of the Phoscrete team, starting as Quality Control Manager in July of 2020. He is a Construction Architect and graduated in 2008 from the National University of Colombia, Medellin, with a specialization in concrete design and an international congress of concretes 2006. He worked as a Technical Field Engineer in different civil infrastructure works in South Florida before coming on board with Phoscrete.