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Extreme Weather Moisture Vapor Control and SLU Installation

Product Demonstrations
Matt Minney
14 Minutes
Audio and Video
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This demonstration video will provide information and details from Commercial and Healthcare projects for scheduling, materials, manpower, methods and protection measures necessary for the installation of a moisture vapor control (MVC) system along with self-leveling underlayments (SLU) for floor finish preparation and protection.


  1. Specify scheduling and preparation phases for MVC/SLU methods in good and extreme weather conditions
  2. Describe current moisture vapor control system Installation methods for commercial and healthcare projects
  3. Discussion of priming, mixing equipment and pouring steps for self-leveling underlayments
  4. Identify necessary cure times and protection measures of an MVC/SLU system for project applications

Company Overview:

Founded in 1964, Custom Building Products is North America's industry leading manufacturer of flooring preparation products, adhesive systems for floor coverings, and tile and stone installation systems for commercial and residential projects.


Matt Minney's Profile

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Business Development Manager

Custom Building Products

Matt Minney is Business Development Manager for Custom Building Products and a 20+ year veteran in the concrete surface preparation and moisture remediation industry.  As a former contractor and a current ICRI member turned manufacturer's representative, he brings real-world experience and product installation expertise to contractors.  These areas of expertise include jobsite inspections, solving problems and recommending products and procedures, leading hands-on installer training sessions, collaborating with architects to prepare specifications, and investigating and resolving failures.