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Floor Slab Moisture Testing Methods

Total Credits: 1 PDH

David L Paal
1 hour
Audio and Video
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Testing moisture in concrete doesn't need to be complicated. Five (5) currently recognized ASTM test protocols for testing concrete slabs for moisture will be explained using the "How and Why" perspective while providing the proper, yet basic, scientific context behind their usage. While this is not a "How-To" course, the attendee will gain a thorough understanding of how the tests work, and how utilizing the protocols together can provide a total and comprehensive "snapshot" of the moisture condition present in the concrete slab before a moisture sensitive floor covering, finish, or coating is applied. In addition, the "8 Basic Questions to Ask the General Contractor" will be shared before the testing is even performed.

Learning Objectives:

1. Learn what test methods can be used to measure moisture in a concrete floor slab.

2. Learn what type of information each test method provides.

3. Learn how to use the information each test method provides.

4. Know what questions to ask before testing.



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Premier Flooring Services LLC

David Paal, CCSMTT, CCHSFI, CWFI is the Owner of Premier Flooring Services LLC, a Gainesville, GA based consulting and training firm that also provides inspection and moisture testing assessments of commercial and residential flooring sites. He is a 34-year flooring veteran who has worked within all levels and categories of the flooring industry. David understands the built environment and how it is affected by moisture, and how it needs to be managed when flooring, finishes, and coatings are going to be installed. He is an ICRI Certified Concrete Slab Moisture Testing Technician (CCSMTT), is an active voting member of the ASTM F06 Committee, is an accredited LEED AP BD+C, holds numerous flooring inspection certifications, and is active in multiple flooring organizations.