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Innovative Repair Product Offers Multi-Threat Security Solution

Product Demonstrations
Khaled El-Domiaty |  Kenneth McAllister White
10 Minutes
Audio and Video
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ProtectiFlex® is a proprietary technology combining recycled non-biodegradable material, composite fibers and/or rebar in a cement matrix and can be provided in various forms including masonry, precast, cast-in place, modular and shotcrete applications. It can be manufactured in a batching plant using conventional equipment and sprayed, poured or cast. This adaptability provides a cost-effective solution in a wide range of architectural finishes resembling traditional concrete or masonry. ProtectiFlex® has been tested and validated under severe loading scenarios including direct-fire flame, standard fire testing, seismic, ballistic, far-field blast loading, contact charge detonations, fragmentation and impact mitigation testing from weapon effects. 

This demonstration will highlight the various product forms that can be integrated in a retrofit solution for extreme loading,  that the product utilizes existing retrofit construction implementation practices and provides a lighter-weight retrofit solution when compared to retrofits that utilize standard or high-strength concrete solutions,  and has superior multi-threat mitigation performance when compared with other concrete retrofit mitigation solutions for extreme loading events.


  1. Address multiple man-made (intentional or accidental) and natural hazards in a single product retrofit solution
  2. Present a lighter-weight retrofit solution for extreme loading when compared to standard-based or high strength- based concrete retrofit solutions
  3. Utilize sustainable products that have recycled content and long lifespans
  4. Reduce overall retrofit costs and expedite construction schedules by utilizing best practices

Company Overview:

Protectiflex, LLC is a small business based in New York and is a one-stop shop providing innovative and cost-effective masonry and concrete-like material solutions for clients who need to meet security and/or industrial safety design requirements. Protectiflex, LLC is a licensed- based business with multiple manufacturing and sales operations in the United States, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Australia. Visit our website for more information.


Khaled El-Domiaty's Profile

Khaled El-Domiaty Related Seminars and Products

Technical Director

Protectiflex, LLC

Khaled El-Domiaty, PE is the Technical Director for Protectiflex, LLC and Vice President of Stone Security Engineering. As a key member of the protective structures design services for over 16 years, he played an instrumental role in providing risk assessment services to property owners (government, commercial or industrial) to mitigate potential risks associated with blast, fragmentation, progressive collapse, ATFP, seismic,  fire and toxic hazards. Additional experience includes forensic investigation for litigation support, training, R&D, guideline development, structural design, remedial and retrofit design for variety of structures. He has extensive experience in research and development of advanced mitigation applications including fiber polymer systems, high-performance cementitious based solutions such as ProtectiFlex, polyurea, woodlam systems, blast-resistant modular construction and other innovative materials for structural upgrades and repairs. The operations include petrochemical facilities, governmental buildings, military installations, airports and commercial facilities and clients nationwide, as well as international clients in Canada, Middle East, Africa and Asia.  

Kenneth McAllister White's Profile

Kenneth McAllister White Related Seminars and Products

Business Development Manager

Protectiflex, LLC

Kenneth McAllister White is the Business Development Manager for Protectiflex, LLC and President of ATFP Associates LLC. He has been involved in the physical site security industry for over 30 years, and has expertise in providing best-in-breed security products and procedures to address anti-terrorism, force protection, and all-hazard, all-threat mitigation technologies to military, federal and critical infrastructure projects. He represents innovative technologies that address risks associated with the man-made threats of blast, ballistics, and forced entry, as well as the natural hazards associated with earthquakes, fire, and high wind-borne debris events like hurricanes and tornadoes.