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Mechanical Grouted Sock Anchor Systems for Stabilizing Damaged Masonry

Product Demonstrations
Brad Nesset |  John Heseltine, General Manager
10 Minutes
Audio and Video
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Grout-filled socks combined with threaded bars are gaining popularity to form a strong chemical and mechanical bond for securing external walls to hollow concrete floor slabs, for stitching cracked solid and multi-lead walls, for stabilizing rubble-filled walls, and securing unstable parapet walls and arches. This technology is ideal where high levels of performance are required in bending for heavy duty, high load applications. The demonstration session will provide an overview of this fast, efficient, proven installation technique.


  1. Applications for this technology
  2. Features of this technology
  3. Installation Procedures
  4. Technical Specifications

Company Overview:

Helifix products and their concealed, non-disruptive, installation techniques play an important role in preserving our built environment, from housing, offices, factories and bridges to churches, listed buildings and heritage structures. Wherever possible, repair and refurbishment is increasingly seen as a more sustainable option than demolition in terms of architectural value, materials usage, overall cost and environmental impact. With an enviable reputation for product quality, engineering excellence and comprehensive customer service, Helifix has considerable experience and technical expertise. It prides itself on possessing the necessary in-house skills to undertake all aspects of any project including advice and support, on-site back-up and high-quality designed repairs using innovative, non-disruptive, concealed installation techniques.


Brad Nesset's Profile

Brad Nesset Related Seminars and Products

Commercial VP

CRH Construction Accessories

Brad Nesset is Commercial VP for CRH Construction Accessories (Meadow Burke, Thermomass, Halfen, Helifix), industry leaders in concrete and masonry construction accessories and members of ICRI. Brad has been a part of the concrete construction industry his entire life. A University of Northern Iowa graduate with a degree in construction management, Brad has developed extensive construction, and sales and marketing experience. Brad currently leads all commercial sales efforts for CRH's North American Construction Accessories businesses. 

John Heseltine, General Manager's Profile

John Heseltine, General Manager Related Seminars and Products

Helifix, Inc.

John Heseltine graduated from Swansea University in 1997 (B Eng in Civil Engineering). He took a graduate role with Helifix, and swiftly moved up through the Technical Support department to a Technical Area Manager working with Structural Engineers and designing repair strategies. In 2002, John moved away for 5 years gaining relevant experience in Concrete Repairs and Cathodic Protection systems with Fosroc Ltd, employed as Electrochemical Products Manager. In 2007, John returned to Helifix, this time promoted to the role of Technical Manager, and extended his role to training staff and clients in masonry defect diagnosis and treatment, as well as developing new products and applications for existing products. A crucial element of his role has been undertaking testing programs maintaining Helifix’s position as the leading innovative manufacturing company in the repair of historic masonry structures and managing the transition to the use of Eurocodes for design and the integration of CE Marking. Since the acquisition of Helifix by CRH, in 2012, John has been General Manager, accepting full responsibility for both the technical and commercial sides of the Helifix business.