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Sikalastic One Shot Technologies

Product Demonstrations
Ryan Hall
14 Minutes
Audio and Video
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This demonstration shows Sika's new one coat traffic coating systems. Sikalastic®-720 One Shot is a two-component, integral texture, fast-curing, aliphatic, elastomeric polyurethane waterproofing coating intended for vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Applied in a single step, Sikalastic®-720 One Shot replaces the need for a base coat and multiple topcoats. Sikalastic®-726 Balcony One Shot is a two-component, aliphatic, elastomeric polyurethane traffic coating system that has both superior flexibility and abrasion resistance. Easily applied in a single coat, with or without primer, and designed for pedestrian traffic, specifically balcony and pedestrian applications.


  1. Learn about Sika's traffic coating innovations. 
  2. Learn why to use traffic coatings. 
  3. Find out how these new products are tested. 
  4. Learn how both products are applied. 



Ryan Hall's Profile

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Product Specialist

Sika Corporation USA

Ryan Hall joined Sika as a Product Specialist in 2019 and moved into the Product Engineer role in 2021. He graduated from Clemson University, Industrial Engineering. 

Company Info

Sika Corporation, headquartered in Lyndhurst, NJ, is a specialty chemicals company with a leading position in the development and production of systems and solutions for bonding, sealing, damping, reinforcing, and protecting the construction, residential and home improvement, oil & gas pipeline and the transportation, marine, and automotive manufacturing industries. Sika's unique product technologies include concrete admixtures and fibers, mortars, epoxies, urethanes, structural strengthening systems, industrial flooring, PVC and liquid applied membrane roofing systems, thermal insulation, plaster, and stucco, below-grade waterproofing, and acoustical and reinforcing materials.