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Unique RFP and Mesh System for Stucco Crack Remediation in Exterior Façade Renovation

Product Demonstrations
Burleigh Withers III
15 Minutes
Audio and Video
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Proper installation of the RFP and Mesh system on stucco substrates that have cracking issues will be demonstrated.  This involves application of the product with embedded mesh.  Also shown will be the application of a "Kiss Coat" of material applied over the previous first coat installation.  Finally, how to perform a field adhesion test to ensure adequate bond will be demonstrated.  The product, history, benefits and procedures for a successful application and installation will be discussed as well as proper surface preparation and how weather conditions can affect the installation.  Demonstration will be hands-on installation on an actual building.


  1. Educate the industry on a different alternative to remediate cracked stucco façade
  2. Demonstrate the proper application techniques and methods to achieve a successful installation
  3. Show how to perform a field adhesion test for the system
  4. Compare this method to standard conventional routing and sealing methods of repair

Company Overview:

Sto AG headquartered in Germany is a recognized world-wide leader in manufacturing of exterior building products.  Since 1959, Sto AG has been an innovative pioneer in solutions for exterior façade renovation and repair.  Sto Corp the US subsidiary with headquarters based in Atlanta, Georgia, and strategically located manufacturing plants (all ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified) throughout the United States, Sto Corp proudly serves, since 1979, more than 250 distributors outlets in North America and the Caribbean, providing smart building solutions with greater access to their customers. Product segments include Stucco, EIFS, Panel Technology, Air & Moisture Barriers, Concrete Repair materials as well as high performance coatings and finishes.


Burleigh Withers III's Profile

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Burleigh Withers has been an active participant in the concrete repair, building restoration and façade renovation market in southern Florida since 1982.  For 20 years, Burleigh worked with Master Builders now part of BASF and was in the Engineering Services group for the last 10 years covering the SE United States.  In 2002, he went to work for Sto Corp in southern Florida in the EIFS, Stucco, Concrete Repair, Coatings, and Air Barrier markets.  In 2011, Burleigh went independent and has since represented and still represents a number of manufacturer’s active in the concrete repair and waterproofing segments of the business.  Burleigh has also provided some consulting and Owner Rep work on specific projects.  He is recognized in the southern Florida market as a very technical resource.