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Dr. Ali Abu Yousef

Senior Engineer

Pivot Engineers, PLLC

Ali Abu-Yosef, PhD, PE is a Senior Engineer with Pivot Engineers in Austin, TX. Dr. Abu-Yosef is active within the industry, including Member of ACI Committee 222 Corrosion, and ACI Committee 364 Rehabilitation. He is also a Member of NACE. Dr. Abu-Yosef received his BS degree from the University of Jordan and M.S. and doctoral degrees from the University of Texas at Austin.

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Concrete Repair Resources
Dr. Ali Abu Yousef |  Michael Ahern
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After only six years of service, a 6-foot long narrow piece of concrete spalled off an exposed slab edge of a 680-foot tall high-rise in Texas, and fell 160 feet to the podium below. The spall was att...
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