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Concrete Surface Repair Technician (CSRT) Certification Course

Surface Repair
10 Hours (Estimated)
Access for 18 month(s) after purchase.


The full certification program, ICRI Concrete Surface Repair Technician—Grade 1, consists of an Education Course — five (5) online training modules and graded exams; and a Certification Course — an online knowledge exam and a performance exam (Video submission is included in course fee. When available, on-location live performance exam for an additional fee). By passing the five (5) online training modules and exams, the online knowledge exam, and performance exam, an ICRI Concrete Surface Repair Technician—Grade 1 certification will be issued by ICRI, and the individual will receive a certificate and wallet card. The individual can also be added to the ICRI Certified Concrete Surface Repair Technician database on the ICRI website if desired.


Have Questions?

Read our FAQ Section about the CSRT Program

System Requirements

This training is offered exclusively online through our ICRI Learning Center. You will need an internet connection and up-to-date internet browser to complete this training. We strongly recommend a broadband connection as there are several training videos throughout the training modules. Firefox and Chrome are recommended as the ideal browsers.