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Curing Concrete in Extreme Conditions

Total Credits: 0.5 PDH

Technical Presentations
Marthe Brock
50 Minutes
Audio and Video
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From the days of boiled Linseed oil, to the discovery of membrane forming cures, to the development of carbon dioxide injection; curing has evolved to accommodate the demands of the construction industry. This presentation will look back at the early standards developed by ASTM, contrasting them to the standards that are currently under consideration. There are many ways to cure concrete, this presentation will review the various product options framed in the context of weather. Lastly, the presentation will explore the various methods discussing the features and benefits of the common curing practices of today. 

Learning Objectives:

  1. Discuss the evolution of curing compounds and why they are so important for any concrete placement.
  2. Review cold weather curing demands; discuss best practices. 
  3. Contrast the hot weather curing conditions.
  4. Summarize the options and discuss future developments.


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