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From Crisis Management to Transformation: Embracing Opportunity in a Post-Pandemic World

Total Credits: 1 PDH

Technical Presentations
1 Hour, 12 Minutes
Audio and Video
Access for 6 month(s) after purchase.


he appeal of a post-pandemic return to normalcy is undeniable. Everyone is ready to leave the days of mask wearing and Zoom meetings behind and to return to the days of water cooler gatherings and all-staff meetings. However, even as we (hopefully) move past the pandemic, it is critical for companies to not lose sight of what they accomplished despite the pandemic. Companies across the world innovated more in one year than they had in the previous twenty years to keep business alive. The question we must now address is: how do we maintain those initiatives and innovative ways of working that allowed us to succeed throughout COVID-19 despite the temptation to return to “business as usual”?

In this session, Dr. Hataway will provide essential strategies to help you and your company grow your competitive edge in a post-pandemic world.