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Repair and Reconstruction of a Fire-Damaged, Post-Tensioned Concrete Parking Garage

Total Credits: 0.5 PDH

Fall Conference Bundle
Technical Presentations
Billy D. James, P.E.
22 Minutes
Audio and Video
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Post-tensioned concrete is a strong and durable material for construction of exposed parking structures. These types of structures are also fire resistant, but they can be damaged depending upon the severity of the fire. The structure in this presentation suffered significant fire damage early in its construction. The presentation will cover the discovery and testing methods used to determine the extent of fire damage, and the design of the repairs that were instituted to restore strength and allow construction to continue.

Presentation Learning Objectives:

  1. Show the types of fire damage that can occur in a post-tensioned cast-in-place structure during construction.
  2. Show the steps that were taken to study the damage and discover the extent of damage.
  3. Show the types of repairs that were undertaken to restore the structure and enable construction to continue.
  4. Discuss the interaction between the owner and the insurance company and the impacts this had on construction schedule.



Billy D. James, P.E.'s Profile

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Associate, Engineering Technical Lead

JQ Engineering, LLP

With a diverse background in structural engineering spanning 42 years, Billy James, PE, brings comprehensive knowledge and expertise to JQ Engineering on a wide variety of project types. In his role as an Associate and JQ’s Engineering Technical Lead, Billy leads the Quality Assurance, Quality Control process for projects ranging from infrastructure and municipal to institutional and commercial. Billy graduated from The University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering degree. He joined JQ Engineering six years ago. The firm employees 93 people across six Texas offices providing structural engineering, civil engineering, geospatial and facilities performance services.