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The Future of Vision 2020

Total Credits: 0.5 PDH

Technical Presentations
Eric Williams
25 Minutes
Audio and Video
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Presentation will discuss Vision 2020 (Development, Successes and Challenges) as well as items which still need to be completed. This portion of the presentation will be followed by an overview of the presenter's perspective on the future needs for the concrete repair industry. All attendees will be invited to participate in a workshop to develop a complete list of industry needs (consensus if possible).

Learning Objectives:

  1. Inform attendees of the goals of Vision 2020
  2. Inform attendees of the successes of Vision 2020
  3. Begin discussion of the future goals for the concrete repair industry
  4. Invite attendees to participate in the development of goals for the successor program


Eric Williams's Profile

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Vector Corrosion Technologies

David Whitmore is President and Chief Innovation Officer for Vector Corrosion Technologies, a company which specializes in the repair and corrosion protection of reinforced concrete structures. Dave is a registered Professional Engineer, a NACE Cathodic Protection Specialist and he serves on a number of repair, corrosion, sustainability and education committees of ACI, ICRI and NACE. He is a fellow of ICRI, ACI and the Canadian Society of Civil Engineers. He has been involved with US Federal Highway Administration on the Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP) and SHRP 2 projects with regard to extending the service life of bridges beyond 100 years.