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Daniel Mazzei


Wallace Engineering, Inc

Dan Mazzei received his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering degree from the Virginia Military Institute and his Master of Science in Civil Engineering degree from Mississippi State University. Dan began his career as a construction engineer for the U.S. Military and is now a licensed Professional Engineer in 12 states and Puerto Rico and a licensed Structural Engineer in Oklahoma. Dan has served as the project engineer and engineer of record for a variety of retail, education, industrial and municipal structures. Dan and his team have performed hundreds of forensic investigations and building assessments to include development of applicable repairs required for safe occupancy and code compliance. Dan is a member multiple, professional organizations.

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Fall Conference Bundle
Daniel Mazzei |  Adam Logan
38 Minutes
Audio and Video
Access for 6 month(s) after purchase.
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A follow-on presentation to the discussion of our evaluation of over 1500 tire and lube facilities across the United States that prescribed immediate repairs where necessary, reinforcement where deter...
$25.00 - Base Price

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