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John Zhang

Amec Earth & Environmental

Dr. Lihe (John) Zhang is an engineer in concrete, shotcrete, grout, and fiber reinforced concrete/shotcrete. He has worked on concrete engineering, concrete and shotcrete structure assessment and evaluation projects, tunnel and mining concrete and shotcrete structures design, fiber reinforced concrete design and testing, construction, quality control testing & inspection, repair and rehabilitation.

He is a voting member of ACI 506, Shotcrete, 544 Fiber Reinforced Concrete. He is the chair of ACI 506.F Underground Shotcrete, Chair of Americian Shotcrete Association (ASA) Technical Committee. Dr. Zhang served as the ASA President (2018). He has published over 30 papers in journals, magazine and conference proceedings.

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Structural Modifications to Dam Turbine Draft Tube Ceiling with Overhead Wet-Mix Shotcrete

John Zhang
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Shotcrete has been used widely for rehabilitation and retrofit of concrete structures. More and more large infrastructures, in particular, in the hydro power industry, is using shotcrete for major reh...
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