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Stacia Van Zetten

Chief Strategy Officer

EXACT Technology

Stacia Van Zetten, P.Eng is the Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder at EXACT Technology Corporation. She has over 8 years of experience in the industry with a focus on concrete materials, construction and technology, including supporting over 50 projects across North and South America. Stacia founded the Toronto Chapter of the International Concrete Repair Institute, sits on the board of the American Concrete Institute Ontario Chapter and participates in many committees within ACI and CSA. She co-founded EXACT to bridge the gap between construction and technology, with a goal to make concrete structures last longer, constructors work safer, and concrete construction more sustainable.

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The Power of Real-Time, Online Data

Stacia Van Zetten
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The general sentiment around construction and modern technology is that the industry has been slow to embrace it. While this is true of the past, the current and future construction industry is all ab...
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