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NDE for Concrete Flaw/Damage Detection and Repair QA

Total Credits: 0.5 PDH

Technical Presentations
Mr. Larry D. Olson
41 Minutes
Audio and Video
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The case-histories based presentation will focus on the use of nondestructive evaluation (NDE) methods to detect flaws and damage in concrete construction. Case histories will be presented for detection and mapping of flaws and damage in concrete such as cracking, delamination, honeycomb, void, corrosion, fire damage, alkali-silica reaction and low strength concrete. The case histories for the concrete structures are anticipated to include parking structures, bridges, buildings and dams. NDE methods will include sonic/ultrasonic, infrared thermography, radar and corrosion technologies where the results in many cases were confirmed by coring. The use of some of the NDE methods for QA of concrete repairs such as epoxy injection and patching will also be discussed.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the need to map out flaws/damage in concrete for repairs.
  2. Learn which NDE methods can detect and map out the extent of the various types of concrete flaws/damage.
  3. Need for NDE results confirmation with destructive coring.
  4. Learn which NDE methods can provide QA of repairs.


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Olson Engineering, Inc.

Larry D. Olson, PE, is internationally known for his expertise in nondestructive evaluation (NDE) and performance monitoring of civil infrastructure including dams, bridges, buildings, foundations, pavements, tunnels, etc. He is the past Chairman of the Evaluation Committee of the International Concrete Repair Institute (2002-2009) as well as a fellow of ICRI and a past ICRI board member. He served as President of the National Capital Chapter of ACI in 2015 and is active in Committees 228 Nondestructive Testing, 309 Consolidation and 342 Bridge Evaluation. He has been an instructor in the ASCE seminar on Structural Condition Assessment of Existing Structure since 1997 and since 2009 ASCE seminar Bridge Condition Assessment & Monitoring.