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Hamed Layssi

FPrimeC Solutions Inc.

Dr. Hamed Layssi is a co-founder and structural engineer at FPrimeC Solutions Inc., a technology company specialized in advanced nondestructive testing and evaluation of concrete materials and structures. Over the past 15 years, he has been heavily involved with the concrete industry as a professional engineer, and researcher. He has an extensive academic background in structural evaluation, inspection, and repair of concrete structures. He holds a PhD from McGill University, Canada, ranked among 150 top researchers in Canada in 2018, and received the 2018 entrepreneurship award from the PEO, Ottawa Chapter.

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Application of Nondestructive Testing for Enhanced Repair and Maintenance

Hamed Layssi
45 Minutes
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The application of nondestructive testing and evaluation for detecting existing defects and anomalies in concrete structures will be presented. Proper inspection and assessment is an integral part of ...
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