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Tim Ekberg

Structural Group

Tim Ekberg, Senior Manager of Integrated Solutions at Structural Group Inc., has a diverse career in the building construction industry starting in the building trades and later project management, quality assurance and corporate and operational leadership. He has worked across the Structural Group Inc. family of companies for over 11 years. He now applies that experience to lead a multi-disciplinary team with the express focus of improving the technologies and processes used by Structural Group Inc. and its subsidiaries: STRUCTURAL, PULLMAN, and STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES. This team works on efforts ranging from frontline operations through back-office efficiencies, operating with the belief that good process and smart technologies can lead to effective and practical solutions for all involved.

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Streamline Communication — Increase Project Performance

Andy Garver |  Tim Ekberg
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Technology is not limited to innovative materials or equipment on a jobsite. Digital technology is changing how teams operate and is dramatically increasing efficiency and effectiveness. Cloud-based p...
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