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 This program is no longer active, however there are other versions of this program in which you may be interested.

Shotcrete Restoration for Underground Culverts, 07/09/2024, On Demand More info »

Shotcrete Restoration for Underground Culverts

Total Credits: 1.0 including 1.0 PDH, 1.0 AIA Credits

Corrosion |  Repair Materials and Methods |  Surface Repair |  Webinar
Charles Hanskat P.E. |  Marcus Von der Hofen
1 hour
Audio and Video
Product Setting: Expires 6 month(s) after program date.



Session Description

Galvanized corrugated metal and concrete underground culverts are common infrastructure in North American highways and stormwater management. Many have been in place for decades and experienced substantial deterioration and reduced structural integrity. Excavation and replacement can be cost prohibitive. A shotcrete lining is a cost-effective and efficient method to strengthen and significantly extend their useful life.

Learning Objectives

Through attending this program, registrants will be able to:

  1. Gain a fundamental understanding of the wet and dry-mix shotcrete process.
  2. Recognize the variety types of culvert deterioration that require repair
  3. Understand how shotcrete placement can be used to restore the useful life of an underground culvert
  4. Recognize how contractor and shotcreter experience are needed to produce high quality, durable culvert linings

Disclaimer: the ideas expressed in this ICRI-hosted webinar are those of the speaker(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of ICRI, its board, committees, or sponsors.



Charles Hanskat P.E.'s Profile

Charles Hanskat P.E. Related Seminars and Products

Executive Director

American Shotcrete Association

Charles Hanskat, P.E., is a Fellow member of the American Concrete Institute, American Society of Civil Engineers, and the Florida Engineering Society. He is Executive Director and Technical Director for the American Shotcrete Association. He holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Florida and has been a licensed professional engineer for over 40 years. 

Hanskat has been involved in the design, construction, evaluation, and repair of environmental concrete, marine, building, and shotcrete structures throughout his career. Hanskat is active in developing codes and standards from many professional and technical engineering societies, including ACI, ASTM, AREMA, and ICRI.

Marcus Von der Hofen's Profile

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Coastal Gunite Construction Company

Marcus von der Hofen is COO and VP of Coastal Gunite Construction Company. Marcus has been employed in the shotcrete industry for over two decades and has been responsible for over 1000 shotcrete projects and over 7 million ft3 of shotcrete placement on commercial and civil sites. These responsibilities have included managing all aspects of the shotcrete application from the office to the field. Marcus is a founding member of ASA and a past president of ASA. He is also an active member of ACI shotcrete committees 506 and C660.