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Understanding Concrete Surface Preparation and ICRI Technical Guideline 310.2R-2013

Total Credits: 1 PDH, 1 AIA Credits

Surface Preparation |  Technical Presentations |  Webinar
Pete Haveron
1 hour
Audio and Video
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ICRI announces the first two webinars of ICRI’s Summer Webinar Series. This four-part monthly series, running from June through September, will cover topics related to the protection of concrete from deterioration and degradation presented by leading professionals in the concrete protection industry.

Course Description

For a concrete repair material or protective coating to provide long-lasting performance or protection and meet its intended service life, the concrete substrate to which it is to be installed must be properly prepared.  This webinar will discuss the keys to proper surface preparation including establishing the appropriate level of surface profile, evaluating the concrete substrate and the material being installed to determine the correct level of preparation as well as the correct methods and tools to achieve that level. The presenter will combine information from ICRI Guideline 310.2R-2013 and personal field experience to provide a better understanding of concrete surface preparation and how best to achieve the right level of preparation for a project.

Learning Objectives

  1. Achieve a better understanding of how surface preparation impacts a concrete repair or protective material’s overall performance.
  2. Learn the different levels of concrete surface profile and quality control practices that can be used to evaluate surface profile on site.
  3. Understand the benefits and limitations of the various methods and tools used in the surface preparation process.
  4. Learn how to evaluate the substrate condition, material requirements and unique project environments to choose the best methods and tools to achieve proper surface preparation for a given project.



Pete Haveron's Profile

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Texas Concrete Restoration Inc.

Pete has over 40 Years in the concrete industry, with the last 30 years in the concrete restoration, surface preparation, moisture mitigation and waterproofing industry. He has been President and Principal of Texas Concrete Restoration Inc. for the last 20 years, specializing in structural concrete repairs, surface preparation and coating removals, as well as concrete moisture testing and mitigation, cementitous self-leveling floors, epoxy and urethane injection and epoxy floor coatings. He has been a speaker at The World of Concrete and numerous ICRI chapter events. He is the current Committee Chair of ICRI 310 Concrete Surface Preparation, ICRI Board of Directors Region 7 Director ,ICRI Finance Committee Member and Chapters and Certification Committee Member. He is one of the founding members and past president of the North Texas Chapter of ICRI as well as current Treasurer of the North Texas chapter of ICRI.  Pete is an ICRI Concrete Slab Moisture Testing Technician Tier 2 and ICRI Concrete Surface Repair Technician Grade 1