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Understanding the Technology, Process, & Application of Using Hydro Demolition to Remove Concrete

Total Credits: 1.0 PDH, 1.0 AIA Credits

Surface Repair |  Webinar |  Evaluation |  Repair Materials and Methods
Belin Wills |  Ethan Namink
1 hour
Audio and Video
Access for 6 month(s) after purchase.


Session Overview: 

Many projects necessitate concrete removal, but did you know there’s a more advanced, non-combustible, and fully automated alternative to a jackhammer for concrete removal projects? This unique webinar specifically focuses on the technology, process & application of using high-pressure water to remove concrete, called Hydro Demolition. Explore the top five benefits of Hydro Demolition, which projects it benefits, and when it is not necessary. After class, attendees will also receive helpful examples of drawings, specs, supporting data and “cheat sheets” regarding the process. Attendees are encouraged to ask questions throughout the presentation! 

Learning Objectives:

Through participating in this webinar, attendees will be able to:

  1. Understand the safety, efficiency, versatility, economy, and environmental implications of HydroDemolition for concrete removal projects.
  2. Contrast the outcome of jack hammers to remove concrete vs. HydroDemolition.
  3. Distinguish between projects that are and are NOT a good fit for HydroDemolition.
  4. Review real-life projects, both ordinary and extraordinary, that were benefited by HydroDemolition.
  5. Review the technology, process, and applications of HydroDemolition.



Belin Wills Related Seminars and Products

Head of Marketing

Aggregate Technologies

Belin Wills is a certified Texas teacher with an education degree from Louisiana State University. Belin is the presenter for the Hydro Demolition lunch and learns for Aggregate Technologies and enjoys meeting with both the construction industry and engineers all over the USA and abroad.  

Ethan Namink Related Seminars and Products

Head of Hydro Demolition Department and Lead Estimator

Aggregate Technologies

Ethan Namink has been with Aggregate Technologies for 15 years and is the head of the Hydro Demolition department. He has been in the concrete cutting industry his entire career, is heavily involved with estimation and is an integral part of project management. He is highly regarded in this field and is an excellent resource to turn to for questions.