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Water Control for Newly Constructed Structures

Total Credits: 0.5 PDH

Fall Conference Bundle
Technical Presentations
Brent Anderson, P.E.
40 Minutes
Audio and Video
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Dealing with water is always a challenge when constructing a new structure. Whether it is water infiltration that was expected, or water manages to circumvent pre-planned waterproofing methods, it can wreak havoc on the building and interfere with construction schedules. The term “belt and suspenders” is often used in waterproofing and there is a good reason for it. Water chooses the path of least resistance, and many times that path is not discovered until it is too late. There are many methods of water control that can be implemented before, during and after a structure is completed. This presentation will focus on water control methods for new construction that can be implemented during or after the construction process.

Presentation Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the most common ways water enter a newly constructed structure
  2. Understand the most common reasons why waterproofing systems can fail 
  3. Learn about water control methods that can be implemented during the construction process 
  4. Learn about water control methods that can be implemented after the construction process


Brent Anderson, P.E.'s Profile

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Brent Anderson, P.E. is a design engineer and specialty contractor involved with interior water control barriers. He has designed and installed membrane systems on commercial, industrial, governmental, and residential facilities. An active member of ACI Committees 332 and 515, Brent is a frequent lecturer at World of Concrete and the University of Wisconsin Extension Division.