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ICRI 2021 Spring Convention


New Trends and Technologies in Concrete Repair 

The International Concrete Repair Institute (ICRI) is excited to host its Virtual Spring Convention where, over the span of two days, you will experience the best education and networking available to the concrete repair and restoration industry. Each day of convention will consist of technical presentations, product demonstrations, awards and peer recognition, and new insights on the state of the industry. All content will be recorded and available on-demand through ICRI’s Learning Center after the event.



Marwa Abdelrahman, PhD's Profile

Marwa Abdelrahman, PhD Related seminars and products

Structural and Materials engineer

Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, Inc.

Marwa Abdelrahman, PhD, is a structural and materials engineer with experience in the evaluation of concrete material degradation. Since joining WJE in 2017, Dr. Abdelrahman has worked on multiple projects involving condition assessment of in-service structures, concrete durability, and service life modeling. Projects have included buildings, bridges, and industrial ports as well as research and laboratory evaluations. Prior to joining WJE, Dr. Abdelrahman worked on several research projects at the University of South Carolina that focused on assessment, monitoring, and modeling of concrete degradation. 

Stewart Abrams's Profile

Stewart Abrams Related seminars and products

Senior Geologist

Terracon Company

Mr. Abrams is a Senior Geologist in Terracon's Cincinnati office. Day-to-day responsibilities include concrete petrographic forensic analysis along with material testing and evaluation. He has experience with all aspects of field testing, including non-destructive, for concrete, reinforcing steel, masonry. Furthermore, Mr. Abrams is a certified drone piolet with experience in inspections of concrete structures.

Douglas Adam's Profile

Douglas Adam Related seminars and products


Douglas Adam is a technical services technician at Kryton International Inc. Over the last four years, within the research and development department at Kryton, Douglas has been focusing on waterproofing and direct site support. He has a background in mechanical engineering with 12 years of experience in civil construction, including six years in the infrastructure sector and two years in the oil and gas industry.

Mr Keith Armishaw's Profile

Mr Keith Armishaw Related seminars and products

Business Development Manager - North America

Aquajet Systems AB

Keith Armishaw is the business development manager for Aquajet’s North American subsidiary. Before joining Aquajet in 2019, Armishaw amassed 24 years of industry experience with the brand as a service technician, service manager and sales associate through a Quebec-based distributor. He works closely with the regional sales team to grow awareness of Aquajet’s solutions and enhance customer support with industry-wide educational initiatives that increase understanding of the benefits of Hydrodemolition.

Ryan Bassett's Profile

Ryan Bassett Related seminars and products


Ryan Bassett is Product Support Specialist at Schönox. Originally from Texarkana Texas, Ryan has been in the construction business for the last six years. After graduating from college, he started as a General Contractor for a restoration company before he decided to specialize in the flooring side of the business with selling and managing flooring projects. Ryan joined Schönox in March 2019 and works in the technical department. His main responsibility is managing the Schönox Pump Program. He is also in charge of warranty writing, system testing and onsite customer training.

Charu Chaudhry's Profile

Charu Chaudhry Related seminars and products

Vice President

Thornton Tomasetti, Inc.

Charu Chaudhry, Vice-President in the Renewal Group at Thornton Tomasetti, Inc., has over 15 years of experience in historic preservation, building envelope, roofing, and waterproofing systems. Her work includes investigating, designing repairs and preservation treatments for restoration and adaptive reuse of historic landmarks. She has written several peer-reviewed papers and lectured extensively on the subjects of masonry, terracotta, concrete, grouting, climate change, and chemistry of historic adobe constructions. Charu is an active member of APTI Sustainable Committee, IIBEC Conventions Committee and serves on the Board of Advisers of the Historic Districts Council Committee.

Jacob Cushingham's Profile

Jacob Cushingham Related seminars and products

Director of Operations

Lyons Manufacturing

Jake Cushingham is Director of Operations at Lyons Manufacturing, Inc. He has over 14 years of experience in construction material sales, marketing and operations, specializing in Concrete Accessories, Repair and Restoration.

Jay de Leon's Profile

Jay de Leon Related seminars and products

Regional Sales Manager

Lyons Manufacturing

Jay De Leon is Regional Sales Manager at Lyons Manufacturing, Inc. He has over 7 years of experience in construction material sales and marketing, specializing in Concrete Accessories, Repair and Restoration.

Scott DiStefano's Profile

Scott DiStefano Related seminars and products

Product Manager - Resins

Sika Corporation

Scott DiStefano has been with Sika for the last 10 years as a product engineer and sales representative handling product lines ranging from cementitious underlayments to anchoring. He is currently the Product Manager for the Repair Systems including mortars, grouts, epoxies, and coatings. Scott graduated from the Stevens Institute of Technology with a B.E. in Mechanical Engineering. Scott is a member of industry organizations such as ICRI (TAC member) and ACI and frequently participates and presents at industry functions.

Mike Eglin's Profile

Mike Eglin Related seminars and products

Division Manager

Barrett Roofs

Michael Eglin is Division Manager at Barrett Roofs. Mike has been in the masonry, flashing and roofing industry for almost two decades. He spent fifteen years of his career working with the President of the Barrett Company, Saverio Minucci, to grow a manufacturing business that serves these industries. For the past few years, he has been a Regional Manager for Keene Building Products—the leading manufacturer of entangled net products used in masonry, siding, sound control, and many other applications. Mike works with Saverio to develop and grow the company's manufacturing capabilities and product offerings within their roofing and waterproofing systems for above and below-grade, roof decks, plaza decks, roof restoration, green roofs, and more.

Tim Ekberg's Profile

Tim Ekberg Related seminars and products

Structural Group

Tim Ekberg, Senior Manager of Integrated Solutions at Structural Group Inc., has a diverse career in the building construction industry starting in the building trades and later project management, quality assurance and corporate and operational leadership. He has worked across the Structural Group Inc. family of companies for over 11 years. He now applies that experience to lead a multi-disciplinary team with the express focus of improving the technologies and processes used by Structural Group Inc. and its subsidiaries: STRUCTURAL, PULLMAN, and STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES. This team works on efforts ranging from frontline operations through back-office efficiencies, operating with the belief that good process and smart technologies can lead to effective and practical solutions for all involved.

Richard First's Profile

Richard First Related seminars and products

Sr. Technical Product Specialist

BASF Construction Systems

Rick First is Technical Service Lead at Master Builders Solutions. He has been in the concrete industry for over 30 years. Rick has worked for Degussa, BASF and Master Builders Solutions in a technical capacity specializing in Concrete Repair and Resinous Flooring. He has presented to local and national organizations related to concrete and concrete repair. 

David T Ford's Profile

David T Ford Related seminars and products

Principal/Managing Director

Walter P Moore & Associates, Inc.

David T. Ford PE, RRC, RWC, LEED AP, is a Principal and Managing Director of Walter P Moore Diagnostics Group in Kansas City, MO. He earned in B.S. in Architectural Engineering from North Carolina A&T State University and M.S. in Civil Engineering from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He has over 20 years of experience with concrete restoration and waterproofing repair projects throughout the US and Canada. He is also the firm-wide leader for Walter P Moore’s Enclosure Diagnostics Practice. He is a member of ICRI, ASCE, ASTM, SWRI and a past-Treasurer of the ICRI Great Plains Chapter.

Dr. Thomas M. Frankie's Profile

Dr. Thomas M. Frankie Related seminars and products

Senior Associate

Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, Inc

Dr. Thomas Frankie, SE, is Senior Associate at WJE. He is a licensed structural engineer who specializes in the assessment of structures compromised due to failure, accident, natural disaster, or material degradation. Since joining WJE in 2013, Dr. Frankie has investigated reinforced concrete-related problems including corrosion for numerous structures ranging from historic and modern buildings, bridges, stadiums, industrial facilities, parking garages, cooling towers, seawalls, pavements, and foundations. He has applied advanced field and laboratory investigation techniques to hundreds of unique projects. In addition to ICRI, his professional affiliations include the American Concrete Institute (ACI) and the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), among others. 

Stephen Michael Garrett's Profile

Stephen Michael Garrett Related seminars and products

Senior Associate

Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, Inc.

Stephen Garrett, PE, is a licensed professional engineer and NACE CP-2 Cathodic Protection Technician with 10 years of experience in field inspection, laboratory testing, structural analysis, repair design, and service life modeling. He has been extensively involved in nondestructive testing, corrosion evaluations, and design of repairs for numerous large reinforced concrete structures throughout the United States. In addition to ICRI, his professional affiliations include the American Concrete Institute (ACI-Illinois), the American Society for Nondestructive Testing (ASNT), and the Association of Materials Protection and Performance (AMPP). 

Andy Garver's Profile

Andy Garver Related seminars and products

Sr. Branch Director


Andy Garver, Senior Branch Director at PULLMAN Services, has over 20 years of experience managing all aspects of a multimillion-dollar branch including all construction projects, business development, training, safety, supervision of project managers, job superintendents, assistant project managers, sub-contractor management, QA/QC, scheduling, budgeting, planning, monitoring progress, and client communication and coordination. He has been with PULLMAN for 15 years and brings a broad range of engineering, restoration expertise, and operational leadership experience including historic, commercial, multi-family residential, and institutional building restoration construction.

Kelton Glewwe's Profile

Kelton Glewwe Related seminars and products

Vice President

Roadware Incorporated

Kelton Glewwe is Vice-President of Marketing for Roadware Incorporated and an original founding partner of the company. Kelton has set up sales and distribution networks for Roadware construction products in over twenty countries around the world. He has worked on projects ranging from automated freezer warehouses in Washington to 100-year old railroad piers in New York and Airport Runways in Hong Kong. Kelton is a graduate of the University of Saint Thomas and lives in Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota.

H. Peter Golter P.E. FICRI's Profile

H. Peter Golter P.E. FICRI Related seminars and products

Business Development Manager


Peter Golter, PE, Specified Product Regional Manager at the 3M Company, has been in the building industry for over 30 years. He has worked in various aspects of the construction process including Design/Build, Engineering, Evaluation, Project Engineer, and Project Management. He has also worked for various manufacturers utilizing his construction experience for Technical Services, Product Development, Product Management, Sales, and Business Development. Peter has a BS in Architectural Engineering from the Milwaukee School of Engineering and a MBA in Finance and Business Economics from the University of Chicago. He is also a licensed Professional Engineer and Real Estate Broker. Peter is involved in the industry with ACI, ASC, BEC, and ICRI and has authored numerous papers and presentations.

Daniel Gordeyeva's Profile

Daniel Gordeyeva Related seminars and products

Vertical Access LLC

Daniel Gordeyeva joined Vertical Access in 2019. He is a SPRAT Level II certified rope access technician, a certified Federal Aviation Administration Unmanned Aircraft Systems Remote Pilot, and the UAS Program Manager for Vertical Access. Daniel graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, majoring in Sustainability Studies and Economics. He has also served as a Back Country Steward with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and an Operations and Maintenance Solar Electrician with ETM Solar works, and is a tree climbing instructor with Cornell Outdoor Education.

Ryan Hall's Profile

Ryan Hall Related seminars and products

Product Specialist

Sika Corporation USA

Ryan Hall joined Sika as a Product Specialist in 2019 and moved into the Product Engineer role in 2021. He graduated from Clemson University, Industrial Engineering. 

John Hepfinger's Profile

John Hepfinger Related seminars and products


GeoTree Solutions

John Hepfinger is the President of GeoTree Solutions, a division of ClockSpring NRI, which supplies specialized materials for the repair and rehabilitation of civil infrastructure. Prior to this position, John was the Global Market Director at Milliken Infrastructure for Composite Wraps and Concrete Solutions which included civil and oil & gas related composites, geopolymers and geosynthetic product lines. John began his career in manufacturing after earning a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He has held positions in manufacturing, process improvement, innovation, sales, and market leadership. John has received U.S. and international patents in several fields and is a member of many industry organizations.

Shawn Kirkpatrick's Profile

Shawn Kirkpatrick Related seminars and products

Service and Application Specialist


Shawn Kirkpatrick is the service and application specialist for Aquajet’s North American subsidiary and for Brokk Inc. He assists customers with service after the sale for both Aquajet Hydrodemolition robots and Brokk demolition machines. Kirkpatrick has extensive experience with electrical repair and hydraulic theory, repair and application training.

Kristian Krc's Profile

Kristian Krc Related seminars and products

Walter P Moore

Kristian Krc, PE, SE, is an Engineer in Walter P Moore Diagnostics Group in Kansas City, MO. He earned his BS in Physics from Ouachita Baptist University and MS in Structural Engineering from Missouri University of Science and Technology. He has over 5 years of experience with concrete and waterproofing evaluation and repair projects in structures including high-rise historic structures, parking structures, and stadiums. He is a current member of ICRI.

Matt Kwiecien's Profile

Matt Kwiecien Related seminars and products

Product Marketing Manager for Liquid Construction Products

The Euclid Chemical Company

Matt Kwiecien is Senior Product Marketing Manager for Liquid Construction Products at The Euclid Chemical Company. He has been serving the Northeast Ohio concrete construction market in various capacities for 10 years after graduating from the Construction Engineering Technology program at the University of Toledo. 

John Lawler, PhD, PE's Profile

John Lawler, PhD, PE Related seminars and products

Civil and Materials Engineer

WJE Associates

John Lawler, PhD, PE, is a civil and materials engineer with extensive knowledge and experience performing investigations related to the construction and durability of reinforced concrete structures. This includes evaluation and analyses of components from a wide range of applications and exposures, including transportation, power, industrial and governmental infrastructure. Since joining WJE in 2001, Dr. Lawler has addressed corrosion and concrete material issues and developed service life models for numerous projects, in addition to leading research programs to investigate materials performance in the field and the laboratory.

Hamed Layssi's Profile

Hamed Layssi Related seminars and products

FPrimeC Solutions Inc.

Dr. Hamed Layssi is a co-founder and structural engineer at FPrimeC Solutions Inc., a technology company specialized in advanced nondestructive testing and evaluation of concrete materials and structures. Over the past 15 years, he has been heavily involved with the concrete industry as a professional engineer, and researcher. He has an extensive academic background in structural evaluation, inspection, and repair of concrete structures. He holds a PhD from McGill University, Canada, ranked among 150 top researchers in Canada in 2018, and received the 2018 entrepreneurship award from the PEO, Ottawa Chapter.

Peter Lytle's Profile

Peter Lytle Related seminars and products

Staff Engineer

Terran Consultants Inc

Peter Lytle is a Staff Engineer in Terracon’s Cincinnati office and is familiar with multiple aspects of construction materials testing and inspection including soil, concrete, asphalt, and steel. His skills include coordinating and managing quality control, testing, and inspection projects; managing and performing non-destructive testing and inspection projects; managing and performing structural evaluation projects. Peter is trained and certified in Windsor Probe testing, Rebound Hammer testing, corrosion potential testing, Ferroscan reinforcing steel mapping, and Ground Penetrating Radar.

Daniela Mauro's Profile

Daniela Mauro Related seminars and products

WJE Associates

Daniela Mauro is a Senior Associate and Petrographer in the Janney Technical Center Laboratory of Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates. She specializes in the evaluation, investigation, and characterization of construction materials with a focus on concrete, mortar, aggregate, stone, and masonry materials. Ms. Mauro has been involved with hundreds of projects regarding construction materials-related problems, and utilizes optical microscopy, electron microscopy, and analytical testing to aid in her investigations.

Gerard Moulzolf's Profile

Gerard Moulzolf Related seminars and products

Vice President/Principal Petrographer

American Engineering Testing, Inc.

Gerard Moulzolf, P.G., is a Geologist and Principal Petrographer and a Vice President at American Engineering Testing, Inc. (AET) where he manages the Petrographic and Chemistry Group. He is a graduate of the University of Minnesota—Duluth with a Bachelor’s Degree in Geology and is a professionally licensed geologist in Minnesota and Florida. Gerard is a Director of ASTM C-9 Concrete and Aggregates. He is currently secretary of Committee 9.20 Normal Weight Aggregates, secretary of the Board of the International Concrete Repair Institute, and a member of ACI Committee 201, Durability of Concrete. He is also a past president of the former Iowa-Minnesota Chapter of ACI and the Minnesota Concrete Council. He is active in several local ICRI chapters in MN, TX, and FL.

Jeff Ohler's Profile

Jeff Ohler Related seminars and products

Grout and Mortar Product Manager

The Euclid Chemical Company

Jeff Ohler is Senior Product Marketing Manager at The Euclid Chemical Company, specializing in grouts and mortars for new construction and concrete repair with over 20 years of experience in laboratory testing, product formulating and R&D product management of pre-packaged concrete repair materials. Jeff has an Associate of Science degree in Civil Engineering Technologies and has been involved with ICRI for many years. He is currently a voting member of the ICRI Technical Activities Committee, Committee 130 – Procurement Methods and Relationship Arrangements, Committee 320 – Concrete Repair Materials and Methods, and Committee 710 – Coatings and Waterproofing.

Michael Salera's Profile

Michael Salera Related seminars and products

Senior Project Manager

Joseph B. Callaghan, Inc.

Mike joined JBCI after completing his Master's degree from Villanova University. He has extensive experience in structural analysis and design plus facade assessment and repair. He has analyzed many building materials and his design and problem-solving skills are utilized on both new construction and rehabilitation projects. Mike is the chief Drone Pilot for JBCI. He has been professionally trained and passed the Remote Pilot Certification. He is responsible for establishing and maintaining a system of continuous development and training, manages the pilot's activities and assists in facade condition surveys.

Jessica Silva, PhD's Profile

Jessica Silva, PhD Related seminars and products


Jessica Silva is Director of Labs–Americas at Azelis. She has a PhD in Materials Science, BS in Mechanical Engineering, Certificate in Technical Communications from University of Wisconsin-Madison, and 10 years of experience in cement chemistry and concrete science. Her areas of expertise include concrete pavement materials, concrete repair products, construction grouts, leveling and topping, precast concrete, specification testing, tile installation products, and formulation consulting. 

Michael Sprinkel's Profile

Michael Sprinkel Related seminars and products

Senior Research Scientist

VA Transportation Research Council

Michael M. Sprinkel, PE, Senior Research Scientist, is past Associate Director at the Virginia Transportation Research Council where he had served in various research positions between 1972 and 2019. He directed the Materials Research Program from 1992 through 2017 and the Structures Research Program from 2017 through 2019. He is currently working part-time as a Senior Research Scientist. He has published 116 papers and 68 reports with an emphasis on polymer and hydraulic cement concretes used for the protection, repair, rehabilitation, and replacement of concrete structures. He is a Fellow of the American Concrete Institute, the American Society of Civil Engineers, and the Post-Tensioning Institute. He has BS (72) and ME (75) Degrees in Civil Engineering from UVA.

Kelly Streeter's Profile

Kelly Streeter Related seminars and products


Vertical Access LLC

Kelly Streeter, PE, is a partner at Vertical Access (VA) where she leads specialized investigation teams nationwide. Kelly leads the in-house development of inspection technologies including direct-to-digital annotation software (TPAS) and 3D imaging techniques using unmanned aerial vehicles. She is a lecturer for graduate level historic preservation university programs. Kelly received her Masters in Structural Engineering from the University of Colorado and her BS in Structural Engineering from Cornell University. She is a registered Professional Engineer in NY, PA, MA, and NJ; a Qualified Exterior Wall Inspector (QEWI) with the New York City Department of Buildings; and a SPRAT certified Level III industrial rope access supervisor.

Joseph Strickland's Profile

Joseph Strickland Related seminars and products

Sales Representative

Zacharia Associates

Joseph Strickland is Sales Representative at Zacharia Associates. He has 27 years of experience in the roofing industry as a technical representative, regional technical and contractor services manager, director of field services and sales representative. He received his education in Criminal Science from Bergen and Miami Dade Community Colleges.

Stacia Van Zetten's Profile

Stacia Van Zetten Related seminars and products

Chief Strategy Officer

EXACT Technology

Stacia Van Zetten, P.Eng is the Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder at EXACT Technology Corporation. She has over 8 years of experience in the industry with a focus on concrete materials, construction and technology, including supporting over 50 projects across North and South America. Stacia founded the Toronto Chapter of the International Concrete Repair Institute, sits on the board of the American Concrete Institute Ontario Chapter and participates in many committees within ACI and CSA. She co-founded EXACT to bridge the gap between construction and technology, with a goal to make concrete structures last longer, constructors work safer, and concrete construction more sustainable.

Erik Villari's Profile

Erik Villari Related seminars and products

Project Engineer

Joseph B. Callaghan, Inc.

Erik joined JBCI in 2006 and has advanced from Project Engineer to his current position of Principal, where he has taken on a leadership role to aid in the development of younger engineers. He is licensed in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, and Vermont. During his time at JBCI, Erik has focused on existing structures, with work ranging from assessment and repairs, to large-scale renovations. Erik is always looking to expand his knowledge and develop new and customized solutions to the unique problems found when dealing with older and historic structures.

Gary Williams's Profile

Gary Williams Related seminars and products

Business Development Manager


Gary Williams is Business Development Manager for the Performance Products Division of The Willamette Valley Company, launching polymeric repair systems into the DOT, railroad, light rail, airport and ports and general construction market sectors since 2010. Prior to joining The Willamette Valley Company, Gary was a Sales Manager for BASF Construction Chemicals for 10 years, working primarily with cement-based technologies. 

Shayan Yazdani's Profile

Shayan Yazdani Related seminars and products

Engineer III

Vector Corrosion Services

Shayan Yazdani, MS, EIT, Engineer III at Vector Corrosion Services Inc., is an Engineer in Training and has obtained his B.S. and M.S. in Civil Engineering with a concentration in Materials Engineering & Science in Structures from the University of South Florida. Shayan has vast experience in data interpretation and analysis of corroding reinforced concrete structures and is heavily involved in the design and installation of cathodic protection systems. Shayan also has experience with repair techniques and rehabilitation of reinforced concrete structures, materials engineering, structural life prediction analysis and forensic engineering.


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